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Welcome to the roof of Vietnam, where the mountains of the Tonkinese Alps (Hoang Lien Son Mountains) rise up to the sky, their long shadows concealing some of the country’s fascinating secrets which we will uncover during our journeys. The landscape is a rich palette that provides some of the most spectacular sceneries in Vietnam. Dressed in elaborate costumes, the minorities has lived for generations separated from the outside world, now they have open their gates with hospitality to us strangers; an encounter with the Montagnards is both a humbling and heart-warming experience. The northwest, atmospheric old hill Sapa city located amid stunning scenes of beautiful rice terraces and towering peaks surely will dazzle you. Moreover, beyond Sapa the voluptuous views continue, there are also many other fascinating sites where you can come face to face with the bold landscapes and colourful inhabitants of this region – Bac Ha, Dien Bien Phu and Mai Chau. You can also take part in the ultimate motorbike adventure towards Ha Giang, the final frontier in northern Vietnam. Participate in our tours now to explore the beautiful and amazing Northwest of VietNam

  • Visit the charming and elegant Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital
  • Enjoy the spectacular landscapes in one of the Seven Wonders of the world – HaLong Bay
  • Explore the famous history location of Dien Bien Phu
  • Enjoy the spectacular landscapes along Nam Ou river
  • Visit the beautiful UNESCO Heritage Site – LuangPrabang City
13Days Only from Contact

This remarkable tour will take you through two of Indochina’s most exceptional countries. Embrace Vietnam’s incredible diversity: going through the ancient city of Hanoi, enjoy a fascinating boat cruise on the magnificent Halong Bay, experience a unique and wonder homestay trip with the friendly Thai tribe people of Mai Chau, explore the old French battle field in Dien Bien Phu, and enjoy at the peaceful and calm countryside atmosphere of the Red river and Northwest hill tribes. You will also discover the charming Laos by crossing over via the newly opened border gate of Tay Trang, travel thourgh the rough mountain path to the town of MuangKhua, then head to LuangPrabang – the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, we will visit the sacred Pak Ou Caves as well as the local villages along the Mekong river, explore the beautiful streets and neighborhood of Laos capital city – Vientiane. This inspiring and full of joy journey through Indochina will certainly bring you unforgettable memories and experiences.
This is a private tourand departs daily. We recommend guests to start in Vietnam and end in Laos.

  • Crossing many challenging trails towards hill tribe villages.
  • Take part in colorful and vibrant local markets to observe the local’s lifestyles and understand more about how the local people do the trading.
  • Enjoy the unspoiled nature and environment on the mountainous region in Lao Cai.
  • Enrich your knowledge about the lifestyle, traditional cultures and customs of ethnic minorities in hill tribe village such as Hmong ethnic and Dzay Ethnic group.
  • Visit hill tribe villages and get to know the friendly local ethnic people.
4Days Only from $120

We strongly recommend this tour for you to visit and make friend with the locals, join in the local colorful markets, you will be able to gain insight and understand more about their daily life as well as learn about the special cultures and customs of Vietnam’s ethnic people at the hill tribe villages of Lao Cai. If you a nature lover, this would be a great chance for you to soak in wild nature, enjoy the magnificent landscapes in this mountainous region.

  • Enjoy the amazing scenery observe from the Fansipang
  • Take a challenge with the height of 3,143 m
  • Discover the beautiful and charming Sapa
  • Put your climbing skills as well as teamwork skills to the test
  • Observe and embrace the wildlife nature
  • Relax at beautiful locations, enjoy the fresh air, get in touch with friendly local people,
  • Learn more about their custom and culture, enjoy the unique local cuisine….
4Days Only from $135

Fansipang, the highest mountain in Indochina located in Lao Cai province of Northwest Vietnam. The fascinating height of 3,143 meters will surely amaze you. Fansipang is home of a variety of 2024 floral and 327 fauna species. Travelers will never forget the magnificent landscape, beautiful nature and the peacefulness local houses that appear before their eyes on the top of Fansipang. Go climbing to the top of Fansipang will be an interesting challenge for you to conquer the “the Roof of Indochina”!

  • Enjoying an amazing motorbike tour for you and your companions.
  • Experiencing the ethnic culture of local people
  • Taking adventure on motorbike during the trip to the Northwest mountain area of Vietnam
6Days Only from $435

You will have unforgettable experience with this motorbike tour to Ha Giang. What is better than driving and exploring a “sleeping fairy”- the first geological park of Vietnam and recognized as a Geo-park of the world. There are also a lot of splendid landscapes along the journey from Thac Ba to Ha Giang – Dong Van – MeoVac then Ba Be.

  • Explore the beautiful Hanoi with lots of attractive tourist sites related to Vietnam history and culture.
  • Visit the tea farm, tasting the wine and get to know the locals.
  • Visit the lovely and charming Sapa, enjoy the pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes here.
  • Discover the minorities hill tribe villages, explore the culture and lifestyle of the locals as well as get to know them.
4Days Only from $395

This lovely tour will give you extraordinary memories and experiences. Visit the ancient corners of Hanoi, enjoy the delicious food and explore the unique infrastructure here. Then you will visit the charming Sapa town, embrace the fresh air and environment. This city will be where you be truly relax and enjoy this lovely holiday.

  • Joining Mu Cang Chai Tour, you will be able to visit and explore the zigzag mountainous road.
  • Reaching Khau Pha Pass, and enjoying the magnificent yellow terrace field area – The breathtaking beauty which will blow you away.
  • Taking amazing photos of the golden terrace fields in this Mu Cang Chai Tour.
3Days Only from $145

September is an ideal period to plan a visit for Mu Cang Chai! It is known to have the beautiful terrace fields which will surely amaze you, Mu Cang Chai – a town located in Yen Bai Province (North Vietnam) is a very popular location for tourists from around the world to gather during the golden rice season. Beautiful rice fields cover the area as far as the eye can reach, enjoy this magnificent yet peaceful landscape under the yellow sunlight will give you unforgettable memories.

  • Witness the amazing Ba Be Lake (top 100 largest fresh-water lakes in the world) and Ban Gioc Waterfall (the largest waterfall in Vietnam).
  • Taste delicious and unique local dishes
  • Enjoy the amazing Tay people’s music performance
  • Explore NguomNgao Cave – the mysteriously beautiful and magnificent cave near the border
3Days Only from $465

Ba Be National Park is a rich bio reserve area currently contains the fresh-water karst lake and is home of a wide variety of rare fauna and flora species. This 10,048 ha park – home to 1,268 species of flora and fauna, was established in 1992 by the Government in order to preserve forest ecosystems in the northeast region. Over 3,000 people from the ethnic minorities of Tay, Nung, Dao and Mong is currently living here, spread out between 13 villages inside the park. The Tay people have settled Ba Be area for centuries and make up of 58% population within the park.

  • Discover the amazing landscape of Ba Be Lake – one of the 100 largest freshwater lakes in the world
  • Enjoy the beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall – the largest waterfall in Vietnam.
  • Have a taste of the delicious and unique local dishes
  • Observe and enrich your knowledge about the local life of Tay and Nung ethnic people with their unique cultures
  • Enjoy the peaceful feeling and the fresh environment
3Days Only from $165

Ban Gioc Waterfall – the biggest waterfall in Vietnam – is a very attractive location for both the locals and foreigners. Located 380 km from Hanoi on the QuyXuan River, Cao Bang, visiting this impressive waterfall and you will be amazed by its size and beauty. This waterfall is thirty-meter high, divided into three parts by rocks and trees, you can hear the thunder sound created by the water hitting the cliffs several kilometers away from Trung Khanh. At the end of the waterfall is a calm river, surrounded by many rare and beautiful kinds of flowers. Ban Gioc Fall is also popular for its unique fish named “tram huong”. Early 1920s, the French built bungalows on the river banks so they can come here to relax, fish for “tram huong”, and enjoy hunting deer.

  • Embrace the magnificent nature, relaxe with a refreshing environment and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Visit the local market located on the high mountain areas, observe the daily activities, and lifestyle of the locals people .
  • Ma Pi Leng pass is considered as a global geological park.
  • The Hmong King’s palace located in Sa Phin valley in Lung Phin Commune surrounded by cliffs and covered by a mass of clouds.
  • Witness the splendid scenery of nature blending with the unique Trinh Tuong houses in the wild and untouched Ha Giang.
  • Buckwheat flower season (October – December) Capture the splendid natural beauty in mountainous Ha Giang with the UNESCO world heritage.
3Days Only from $165

This lovely Ha Giang 3 days Tour will take you through some of the most magnificent landscapes in North Vietnam, discover the unique zigzag formation mountainous tracks, enrich your knowledge about the beautiful minority culture. Ma Pi Lengpasss with its amazing sceneries, the splendid Trinh Tuong house certainly will amaze you. This trip to Ha Giang will undoubtedly leave nature lovers with unforgettable memories and extraordinary experiences.

  • Discover Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam and explore the tradition, life style, and the history attractions.
  • Enjoy the peaceful beauty of the typical countryside of Vietnam, observe the simple daily work and lifestyle of the minorities.
  • Enjoy the cool air and emerald water of Halong Bay – one of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Take part in various interesting outdoor activities such as swimming, exploring magnificent caves and beautiful landscapes.
6Days Only from $245

If you want to enjoy the best of the North Vietnam and discover this wonderful and friendly country in a week this is the right tour for you! This will be your most memorable tour ever with the friendliness of the Hanoi locals, visiting interesting and unique tourist sites of the capital of Vietnam, enjoying the magnificent beauty of Halong bay (one of the Seven Wonders of the world) as well as exploring hundreds of spectacular caves, and last but not least embracing the strange beauty of a remote province, Sapa.

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