Lu Rou Fan Recipe (Taiwanese Stewed Pork with Hard-Boiled Eggs)

Posted on 07 Oct, 2016

Lu rou fan, or stewed pork with rice, is a very common dish in Taiwan. The pork is seasoned and stewed until very tender and served over rice. Meat that’s stewed like this is fork-tender, something I really like. It’s a simple and satisfying dish considered comfort food by many.

It is very similar to the Vietnamese thit heo kho in that it’s stewed pork seasoned primarily with soy sauce and eaten with rice. So I feel right at home eating this stuff. However, lu rou fan has more ingredients and spices added, giving it a unique flavor.

Depending on where you order this, the cut of meat and seasonings will vary. Lu rou fan benefits from a good balance of fatty and non fatty cuts of pork. Many recipes for this call for pork belly. Belly with the skin on is a bit too much for me, so I’d remove some of the skin and some of the rendered fat before stewing. Because of how fatty and salty lu rou fan can be, it naturally goes well with pickles (again, similar to thit heo kho).

This balances well with a side of greens such as kai lan.


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